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No More Unwanted Veins,

Just Beautiful Skin

Vascular Vein Therapy


Our laser treatment delivers a precise dosage of energy to each vein. During your treatment, light energy is delivered through a special laser hand-piece to the targeted vein, in a series of brief pulses. The light energy is absorbed by the blood vessels, but not the surrounding tissue. This heat absorption causes a coagulation of the blood vessel, which is subsequently absorbed by your body.


First, we identify the veins to be treated. We then proceed to deliver pulses of light (laser) energy along the length of the vessel, targeting the larger veins first. The light energy causes the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessels, which are then absorbed by your body. Most laser therapy patients report little discomfort. Some experience a mild burning sensation when we pulse the laser.

For the maximum long-term resolution, multiple treatments spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart may be necessary. The number of treatments required varies with the size and depth of each vein. However, if new veins appear, additional treatments are required.


After 48 hours, the skin over the treated veins will look slightly red, purple, or bruised. Sometimes the veins will be more visible than they were prior to treatment. This is normal. Within the first two to three weeks, the redness and purple color will begin to fade. Each week, the color will become lighter and the veins will become less noticeable. After six weeks, if any veins are still visible, another laser vein removal treatment will be necessary.


Subsequent treatments are based upon your clinician’s recommendation and are typically
4-6 weeks apart.  The number of treatments required will depend upon the number of vessels present, the character of the vessels and your body’s ability to heal.

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