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A strong chin and streamlined lower face are important elements of attractiveness, adding definition, creating symmetry, and bringing balance to facial features. For individuals who desire more definition in this area, Dr. Han performs nonsurgical chin augmentation using injectable dermal fillers. He can also contour the neck and jaw using fillers, threads and neurotoxins, and slim the neck using Kybella injections.

Threading is now one of the most popular treatments we offer. 

A thread lift is a non-surgical facelift, a minimally invasive procedure for the face, neck, or jowls using new technological advances to tighten up loose skin. It rejuvenates the internal tissues of the skin and gets rid of flabbiness. The threads are not visible and enhance your appearance. By forming support tissue in an organic way, the threads tighten the skin.

Using polypropylene material, the thread is attached to a thin needle and inserted below the skin surface through fatty tissue. The threads have small hooks that pass under the skin through the use of a needle. The hooks grab hold of the skin and pull to re-suspend the skin in a more youthful position.

Our thread lift procedure on average takes about 1 hour to perform. It has been referred to as a “lunch-time face lift” for its quick procedure. 


Thread lifting is something you can do both for people that need filler and for people that don’t need filler and don’t want surgery. It’s a middle ground between fillers and surgery and represents a dramatic advancement in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.

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is diluted with another substance such as lidocaine or saline and injected via a needle or a cannula.

This maximizes the natural collagen-boosting properties while still delivering immediate results.


With Hyperdiluted Radiesse, results are seen as early as 4 weeks, which means you will see very little, if anything, before one month’s time.

Dr Han recommends coming back 2 to 4 weeks after the initial treatment for another round so the product can be added over time. It may take a few treatments over a period as long as 6 months, but results can last up to 2 years.

More than one treatment may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

A cannula is used during the treatment, and therefore, there is typically very little, if any bruising. Because it is being injected into a larger surface area, there is little to no swelling, either.



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